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US Heading into a Reccesion.

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US Heading into a Reccesion. Empty US Heading into a Reccesion.

Post by Kyro on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:04 am

This months BLS Labor Reported that unemployment is down to 5.9% and that there were 233,000 jobs created, BUT we have to remember that the US stopped using the Misery Factor in the 60s. This is when the Inflation and Unemployment is added together.

1st off
You also have to remeber that the Labor force DECLINED by 432,000, this quarter. Meaning that in perspective of our allies at home in terms of their Central Banking. The US has 94 MILLION Americans not working. That includes people actually receiving benefits who aren't included in current US statistics. Meaning that employement is at a 38 year low of 62.8%. Not to mention that US trade deficiet has rose by $42.5 Billion this past month. It has risen by over $1 trillion this year.

You may think that the Economy is booming, outside of Greece, but you do not realize that the Federal Reserve is causing inflation to occur in the market. You see instead of the Fed pumping money into the actual economy they're pumping money into the Assests meaning that the money is going to Big Banks and Financial instutions and NOT where it's actually needed. The current interest rate on Federal Reserve loans are at 0%! The people that get the loans from the Fed turn right around and give these away for 6% interest. Meaning that Private US industries are buying our debt. How much debt has the Federal Reserve racked up you may ask? $50 Trillion. This isn't added on to the US debt due to the Fed being a Private Bank, but it is funded by the Federal Government and when it's charter comes up the US will be hit with the bill.

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